3 Approach Used at Global Sevilla International School in Jakarta

Global Sevilla prioritizes academic achievement with international standard learning programs. That is why this institution applied numerous different approaches for students based on their age and ability. With an adjusted curriculum, teaching at this international school in Jakarta classifies various teaching techniques. Are you Interested? Here’s a brief explanation for you!


Three Approaches Global Sevilla Uses to Teach Students

1. Fun and Practical Learning

At an early age, children also need a special approach to maximize their abilities. For these reasons, Global Sevilla provides special education for children, namely kindergarten. The approach used at this level will be more pleasant and practical. At this stage, the school uses the International Early Years or IEYC curriculum to focus on children’s development.

Because international schools know that each student has different and unique characteristics, a night of fun games and practical learning are implemented in his pursuit. This will help them adapt to the classroom environment. The curriculum is also useful to develop students’ literacy, numeracy, creativity, physical, language skills, understanding of the real world, and personal development.

2. Active Inquiry-Based Learning

Before taking a learning approach at the highest level, international students at an international school in Jakarta will receive active inquiry-based learning techniques. This approach will involve students to understand the material more clearly. Instead of listening and taking notes from the teacher, students should be active in class.

Using the Cambridge Primary Curriculum and the International Primary School, teachers can create programs and materials that encourage students to learn and enjoy classroom lessons. This approach can also develop their skills during class activities, such as listening, speaking skills through presentations, etc.

3. Project-Based Learning and Research

Projects and research-based learning are one of the approaches to the highest degree level at Global Sevilla school. This is mainly for junior high school or high school students. The PBL approach is designed in such a way with teaching methods that allow students to learn actively. Especially for working on meaningful projects in the real world.

Students at an international school in Jakarta will work on long-term projects that engage them to solve real problems. They will constantly answer questions and demonstrate their skills by presenting in front of large audiences. To support these activities, the school provides facilities and activities, such as laboratories, research, and field trips.

Each age or level at the level of education will have different abilities in capturing subject matter. Therefore, Global Sevilla provides several specific programs for each level. From fun activities, interesting assignments, to exploring multiple projects are customized and given to students to improve their abilities.

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